How to Auto Reply Messages with GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsApp is used by a lot of developers as well as normal people and it is one of the most trusted applications available on the internet for chatting as well as file sharing and it also consists of end to end encryption . The features it has and the amounts of them is shocking when compared to the original whatsapp. People who don’t want to limit themselves use GBWhatsapp by downloading it from trusted links. One of the recent versions of GBWhatsapp has released a feature known as auto reply. We will show you how to set up the application in order to auto reply whoever you wish in a customized manner.

You can read all about the unique features which GBWhatsapp provides here

The auto reply feature will help you set a defined set of custom messages which will obviously be done beforehand by you in order to automate the process of replying with default messages generated by the bot. You can set a custom time for each message to be sent so that people can get the appropriate message on the appropriate time. Maybe you are in a meeting from a certain time period to a certain time period or, maybe you are at the gym for a specified time, maybe you are sleeping and you want to add the time to your custom auto reply bot so that it will by default send the appropriate message at the appropriate time.

Maybe when someone sends a message to your broadcast for the request of being added or being removed, you would want this feature so that the bot will automatically send the strings which you have created and paste and send them using your whatsapp session in that particular broadcast or that particular person.

One of the notable parts is that it lets you customise whether you want to send a message to a group or an individual or both of them or maybe even all of them. You can also set it for all the messages, for a phrase or a specific word. You can also set a delay for the message to be sent so that if you are truly away from the keypad then only the message is sent or else it could cause some issues.

So here are the steps you need to precisely follow in order to set up and get the auto reply bot going:

  • Open up your GBWhatsapp application and press the menu icon that looks exactly like three dots on the top corner of your original whatsapp.
  • Select the desired option which in our case should be the auto reply message option
  • Then all you will need to do is turn on the auto reply feature or you could say toggle it on.
  • Now you can click the plus button to create a message for the auto replying purpose
  • Now let us move on to the main part

You can set any keyword you want to auto reply to and in case you choose all, then for each and every message, automatic reply will be sent.If you select the equal to option then the auto reply message will only be sent to the message which will consist of the keyword you defined while setting up the auto reply bot. In case you select the contains keyword then the auto reply bot will only respond to the queries/messages which contain of whatever the thing you put in the keyword input and submitted.

Then you have to define what you want the custom automatic reply to be.

You can delay it by using the delay message option. All it will do is delay the message to be sent to the user by an x amount of time. You can choose contact or group or both contact and group option to auto reply. Finally you can also set the start and end time for automatically generated replys.